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Storm Damage Roof Repair Service
Wind, ice, tornadoes, and hail storms wreak havoc on roofs. Has a recent storm damaged your roof? Often when a storm rolls through, companies around the region will send teams to poach storm damage repair jobs from local roofers. As a locally owned business, Rival Roofing is the leading Central Minnesota roofer that can respond more quickly to roof damage than technicians from out of town can. Plus, we have a vested interest in caring for our fellow community members. We rely on years of experience to restore your home to its former glory.

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Hail Damage in Central Minnesota

If you’ve seen the damage hailstones can cause to cars or pavement, imagine what it can do to your roof! Hailstones can dislodge granules from your shingles and leave dents and holes all across your home. It’s in your best interest to address damage from hail as soon as you notice it, or it may leave opportunities for your roof to develop leaks or age more rapidly than normal. When the storm has passed, give us a call to inspect your roof and get things back on track.

Emergency Roof Repair

When the forces of nature are at your front door, damage to your roof can come when you least expect it. If your roof has recently taken on storm damage give us a call, we’ll work with you to assess and apply a temporary solution, then work with you to repair the damage to your roof in no time at all. When nature comes knocking, there’s no time to wait.

Tornado Damage

Wind damage can cause long-term unforeseen damage to your home, but this pales in comparison to the often rapid and devastating damage to your roof and home that tornadoes can perform. Your roofing materials can be sucked away by the powerful winds, leaving your roof exposed to potential impact from high-speed debris. Once you have weathered the storm, call us to quickly inspect the damage and get your home into tip-top shape.

Wind Damage

While not as immediately severe as tornadoes, wind damage can impact your home’s appearance with more unseen long-term consequences. If caught unaware, a homeowner may end up delaying critical roof repairs. Granule loss on shingles due to extreme winds can expose the roof’s coating to external elements and cause premature aging. If wind damage causes gaps or holes in your roofing, it can result in roof leaks. If you have experienced wind damage, schedule an inspection with Rival Roofing today.

Ice Dams

The extreme cold of winter can cause more damage than you might notice at first. Icicle formations, while pleasant to look at, can cause damage to your shingles until they break off and damage unsuspecting pedestrians. Meanwhile, ice dams can go unnoticed on the roof for some time, allowing water to build up and deteriorate roofing materials and the sheathing underneath. Proper inspections can catch these problems before they escalate, with quick and easy solutions to follow.


FAQs about Storm Damage to Your Property

Every policy is different, but most in our area will cover hail and wind damage to your roof
At Rival Roofing, our specialist will conduct a thorough property inspection of your house or your commercial building to determine the extent of damage to your roof, gutters, windows, and other exterior features. We then provide you with a written report and photos, which you may later submit to your insurance company as proof of storm damage to your home.
It is the goal of our experts to keep you informed on all the information you need to file a successful claim. At Rival Roofing, we care for home and property owners like you. That is our job and we are glad to share the knowledge of insurance claims so that you can make informed decisions.

your home for years to come.

Storm damage on your property can be trouble and navigating insurance claims can be even worse! Trust in Rival Roofing to take care of not just your roofing needs but to help you navigate your insurance claims as well. Get your roof set for clearer skies, reach out to us today!

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